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Whether its a condo in a skyscaper or a little home in between our vision is to partner and help all who need a reliable appraisal.

About Us

Our Vision

Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group, LLC (AASG) was formed with a vision of elevating the appraisal industry standards for equity, service quality, and transparency to exceed and foresee the needs of lenders, appraisers, and borrowers.  

Today, the all too common appraisal management company approach of “cheap appraisals at a faster rate” has 
led to a trend of lower quality appraisals and strained relationships between lenders, appraisal management companies, appraisers, and borrowers. 


Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group looks to solve this challenge by recognizing the value in paying a reasonable fee for the services provided by appraisers and emphasizing quality in return. We want to partner with lenders and appraisers to support the industry’s evolution to better serve our borrowers. 

Our Values

High accuracy and quality:  Our goal is to provide high-quality appraisals and consultation services to our clients that will empower them to make smart business decisions. We take special pride in our ability to develop coherent, concise reports with both speed and precision. 

Innovative and efficient technology:  AASG meets the demands of the industry by being a dynamic forward-thinking company, we are committed to deliver unmatched value to our lenders through investment in innovative and efficient technology. 


Integrity and ethics: Integrity and precision are at the core of our business. AASG requires and places high value of personal and professional conduct from its appraisers. We apply a strict code of professional ethics and the standards of professional appraisal practice of the Appraisal Institute under which all members agree to conduct their professional activity. 


Reasonable pricing & compensation: AASG recognizes the value in fair compensation and is committed to paying a reasonable fee for the services provided by appraisers and emphasizing quality in return. 


Transparent communication:  We see that both lenders and appraisers are our partners in supporting the industry’s evolution to better serve our borrowers. For this partnership to be successful, we concentrate on rebuilding trust with transparent communication. ​​

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