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Why Be on Our Panel?  

We are supporters of appraiser independence and choose to work with top clients that understand this important guideline.  
Additionally, we know that at times having someone available to discuss the complexities of an appraisal with a knowledgeable and experienced appraiser is important. Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group wants to make sure you have additional support in completing a compliant appraisal by providing a veteran licensed appraiser who is prepared to answer any questions you may have and review

Here are some of the perks of joining our panel:  

  • Ethical fee structure

  • User-friendly mobile device appraisal software

  • Two tier system of panel and affiliate appraisers. The panel appraisers that consistently deliver a quality appraisal product with responsive turn times are invited to become affiliates. Affiliates receive slightly higher fees.

  • Celebrating successes at our annual company birthday party and other events

  • Hosted educational lunches

Join Our Panel

We are strongly committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality appraisals and with superior customer service. This level of commitment is reflected in our comprehensive panel approval process. We take great care to ensure that the fee appraisers who join our Appraiser Panel possess the knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality that our clients expect and deserve.


If you are interested in joining our Appraiser Panel as a fee appraiser, please complete the form below. After we receive your request for information, we will contact you with the requirements needed to join our panel. 

Success! Message received.

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