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Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group, LLC offers the following services: 


  • 1004 URAR Single Family/1007 Rent Schedule

  • Operating Income Statement 216

  • 1004/URAR FHA, 1004/URAR, 1073 Condo, 1073 Condo/1007 Rent Schedule

  • 1073 Condo FHA 2-4 Family appraisal with Cost Approach

  • 2000 Unit Field Review

  • Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report

  • Comparable Rent Schedule

  • Desk Review

  • Desktop Appraisal

  • Field Review

  • Portfolio Review

The above list of services is only a basic list of what Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group, LLC provides to our clients. Contact us to discuss your specific valuation needs today.

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