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Why Partner with Us?

Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group's distinct one-on-one approach will focus on customizing services, technology, and processes to fulfill the specific needs of lenders and appraisers. Our focus on fairness, transparent communication, and most importantly quality gives us a distinct advantage over our competition. We want to take the burden and focus of compliance and 
regulation off your shoulders, so your time is spent on supporting your clients.

To do this, Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group has made it an essential rule to only work with local leading lenders and appraisers to provide regulatory compliance and operational services for residential appraisal reports. We are committed to combining the best people, products, processes and technology possible.

AASG thinks of its clients and appraisers first, knowing that by being the sturdy bridge that connects the two parties the industry is positively impacted. It’s a story that AASG is focused on being a part of. Helping clients understand the process and supporting appraisers through the appraisers is essential for understanding. 

The key to any long-lasting business, family, or friend relationship is trust. We understand that trust is earned and we are devoted to earning that trust from lenders, appraisers, and borrowers. To build trust we are dedicated to: 

1. Being a local solution you can count on. 
2. Providing a high quality guarantee with every order. 
3. Using transparent communication that keeps you in the know at all times. 
4. Building trust through fairness, respect, and transparency. 
5. Employing cutting edge technology that works with all LOS platforms. 
6. Applying layered quality controls to ensure that every order meets all compliance and federal regulations. 

Learn more about our vision and values  

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