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We take your Request for Reconsideration Seriously! 

Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group welcomes your inquiries regarding any and all real estate transactions.  So that we may address your questions with the appraisal report, we encourage you to follow the Request for Reconsideration process.


The following information are the most common Request for Reconsideration issues that arise: 

  • Providing property sales comps currently already used by the appraiser in the report.

  • Providing active or pending listings.

  • Providing property sales comps that are typically 20% larger or smaller than subject property size.

  • Providing property sales comps outside a reasonable geographic radius than those already used.

  • Providing property sales comps that clearly have improved/newer amenities, condition, and quality.

  • Providing property sales comps based on the price per square foot. Though this is a consideration the actual process an appraiser must adhere to requires many more factors than the basic pricing method.

Please be sure to review and include the following conditions prior to submitting:

  • You may supply up to (3) four alternate property sales comps.

  • Property sales comps cannot be used if sold after the effective date of the appraisal.

  • Please do not provide active property listings, or pending sales as they are typically discredited by the appraiser.

  • Property sales provided must show to be similar to, or better, then those used by the appraiser in accordance to the Fannie Mae standards.

  • You must fill out provided form. We cannot adequately process or track the request otherwise.

  • You may add comments in the section at the bottom.

  • You may not question adjustment amounts.

  • You may not question how the value was reconciled. Any unacceptable comments will be removed before sending to the appraiser.


This is a request for appraisal reconsideration facilitated by Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group on behalf of the client asking the Appraiser to review and reconsider alternate comparable property sales and limited commentary. There will be no undue influence as the Appraiser will have complete independence from all parties involved. Once response regarding the request for reconsideration is received from the Appraiser, Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group will place the report through and audit to make sure results pass quality control and is compliant. 

Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group agrees to facilitate your Request for Reconsideration as follows:

  • Acknowledgement from Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group of Request for Reconsideration received. 

  • Expedited thorough review of Request for Reconsideration.

  • Proper review of Request for Reconsideration to potentially take up to 5 business days.

  • The Request for Reconsideration is for the appraiser to consider all information supplied regarding appraisal report. Ascend Appraisal Solutions Group cannot direct the appraiser.

  • It is important to know that the appraiser has the ultimate decisions on their report. If the appraiser rejects the alternate sales, it will be explained in the report. In an effort to refrain from value influence, we will only allow one (1) reconsideration and will not process any appeals to the reconsideration conclusions.

Prior to submitting please review the following:

(Note: Please allow a full 1-5 business days for review and response to all Requests for Reconsiderations)

If after reading the above, you would still like to file a Request for Reconsideration please click the following link then fill out the form. Once complete please title email Request for Reconsideration and send with supporting documentation to

Request for Reconsideration Form 

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